5 Fashionable Batik Dress That Make You Look Fashiony & Stay Young

Although now batik clothing is famous and mushrooming everywhere, the reluctance to wear clothing that uses this type of traditional cloth is still there. Especially for the Ladies who just moved to the age of 20 years, you must have deh feel the old impression of batik cloth still attached to certain clothing.
Cool batik fabric
Especially for a dress , the feeling of fear of batik dress will make you far from fashionable impression must be stored in your heart because if only looking for a normal model dress , the old impression of the batik still looks quite strong.

Calm down, Ladies. In essence, all batik clothes can be made as beautiful as possible. In addition to added all the knick-knacks that make you more stylish, you must also be smart to choose the model of batik dress you will wear.

Well, with five models of batik dress below, the look of fashionable batik style would be maximal and make many people fascinated. Moreover, all batik dress below is made by Indonesian craftsmen lot, and you can find in Qlapa, a special online marketplace of Indonesian handicraft products.

Mini Dress Batik Dua Patak

For you who are still unfamiliar with the full look of batik, there is no harm in learning comfortable in shades of this ethnic fabric by wearing a dress two shades.

That is, in addition to batik who became the main material, a dress is combined with other types of cloth that is calmer and even plain. As a result, Ladies style must be more fashionable, without exotic impression excessive.

If you want to strengthen the impression of batiknya, select two dress patterns with batik motif as a boss. Meanwhile, for a lighter impression, look for batik dress with a plain pattern on the top. Even if you want to party or a formal event, batik two shades that combine batik cloth with the material of brake is worth a try, oh, Ladies! The long size should also be considered. Better choose a mini dress model because this type will make you look more easy and brave.

Halter Dress Batik

A halter type dress will never make your style out of date. This one dress model will make you look elegant and mature, while looking fashionable at the same time.

His trademark in the tightly coiled collar around his neck and his sleeveless model also makes you slimmer. Type of dress this one is often giving Batik Fabric the impression of luxury and official.

Coupled with batik patterns that fit, halter batik dress can make you look glamorous and trendy. Wear a halter batik dress as a party dress or other important events. Guaranteed, all eyes will glance at you.

Dress Batik a la Cheongsam

The number of dramas from South Korea or China influenced the kind of dress that was happening in the community, loh. If Ladies including love with the style of East Asian fashion, occasionally try to find batik dress oriental nuances are quite thick.

That way, your look will be fashionable and contemporary. One option that is interesting to try dress batik style cheongsam.

Chinese fashion model is indeed practically everlasting because of tens of years ago until now still favored and still can give the impression slang and feminine for the wearer. With a variety of touch batik, cheongsam you will add interesting and seem more ethnic.

Batik Dress Accented Peek-a-boo on the Shoulder

Clothing that the shoulder is purposely made hole still become a trend until now. Without impressed vulgar, peek-a-boo accents on the shoulder is able to give the feel of sexy and mature. Plus, fashion models like this are also often used the public figure of the world.

Therefore, there is no harm in you looking for batik dress accented peek-a-boo on the shoulders to follow the latest fashion style .

The sexy nuances of the peek-a-boo section will blend nicely with ethnic-looking batik motifs. That way, your fashion style will be stronger and indisputable, Ladies.

A-line Batik Dress

This one dress type will not betray you, Ladies! Although the fashion style continues to grow, the A -line model is always able to give a fashionable impression in every atmosphere. A -line stylish dress also gives a fresh impression that the wearer does not look older than the original age.

Well, of course A-line batik dress can be a choice Ladies who want ethnic style, but the fear of old impressed. When wearing this batik dress model , you can still look the present and fashionable according to age.

Even more fun, this type of A-line can blend in all body models and make you look more confident.

Age 20s is the time for you to experiment and dare to try new things. Try to wear batik dress with a fashionable model and kece you should also do because basically, batik can be used at any age. If the model is right, you can be more confident, especially if the texture of the fabric is comfortable to wear.

Could be, batik dress will be your favorite clothes in all the atmosphere! If you have trouble finding a modern batik dress in the store, do not worry. In Qlapa , you can find many choices of batik dress suitable for you who are still young.