Tips for Choosing the Right Printer for Students

Printer is an electronic device that supports the work is in terms of printing documents. In addition to being used by workers, printers are also widely used by students. Typically, printers desired by students are powerful, inexpensive, and easy-to-maintain printers.


Then, how to choose a suitable printer for college students? Here are tips.

Specify the type of printer, select ink jet or laser jet printer?

The first tip, which is specify the type of printer you want to buy. Printer is divided into three types, namely Ink Jet printers , Laser Jet, and Dot Matrix. But in general, the type of printer that is often used is Ink Jet and Laser Jet printers.

 The print result, select a printer with a qualified print quality

After determining the type of printer you want to buy. Then check the print quality . Print results are the most basic criteria on a printer , especially for students. This should be noted as it will affect the print out of your college assignments later.

Consider also the number of documents to be printed each month. Is it enough? If so, then choose a Fuji Xerox Printer that has high print power every month. This is aimed so that we can also determine the amount of printer cartridge that we need every month.

Size, choose a practical and does not take place

Note also the size of the printer. Students generally live in relatively narrow boarding places . Therefore, choose a printer that has a practical size and does not take many places. That way, your boarding place will still look neat and efficient even if you save the printer .

Easy to use, choose a printer that you understand how to use it

Although there are manuals or user manuals in every box printer you just bought, but never underestimate this.

Choose a printer that is easy to use. Instead, when coming to the printer store , note how to use the printer and make sure how to use it easily and you understand.

Low price, choose a cheap printer and quality

It's no secret if students would need a printer with a qualified qualities but with a cheap price and fit in the pocket. It is reasonable, but make sure also that the printer with the cheap price you choose also has a qualified quality. Because it is useless if you buy a printer at a low price but the prints and durability of the printer is not good.

Additional tips, choose a multifunction printer

In addition, choose a multifunction printer that can be used for scan and copy needs ( all-in-one ). A multifunction printer can be used to print any document, including for printing photos.

However, adjust also with the needs. Determine whether the printer you are purchasing will be used for printing documents only or at the same time for printing photos.

From there, you can already know the price range of the printer to be purchased. If it will only be used to print the document black-and-white only, certainly the printer with a cheap price can be obtained.

Conversely, if the printer will be used to Canon Printer Scanner photos at once then the cost to be incurred will be greater.